[VoiceOps] Growing difficulties porting DIDs out of major VoIP carriers

Oren Yehezkely orenyny at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 11:41:37 EST 2019


I am hoping that someone may be able to shed some light as to the
difficulties mobile carriers have to port DIDs away from major VoIP
carriers such as Bandwidth and Onvoy.

The problem does not seem to be on the VoIP providers. In most of the
cases, they do not even receive an LSR. The mobile carriers seem to be
asking for a CSR multiple times but never submit an LSR, then they tell the
EU that the port request has failed.

In another case, when the DID is with Bandwidth, the ATT system tells the
customer that the number is with LOCKED with Google Voice and cannot be
ported. I wonder who builds these faulty systems for these corporations?

Any advice is appreciated.

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