[VoiceOps] Canadian (LATA 800) Calls routed to wrong CIC / Verizon contact?

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Mon Mar 25 17:50:04 EDT 2019

Wondering if anyone has come  across discrepancies in call rating between
originating carrier and their routing (CIC) carrier.

So we have a scenario where calls with Canadian ANI are being routed to our
non-Canadian CIC (US Carrier).

Our US carrier is treating these calls as Canadian, based on ANI. The
carrier (Verizon) handing calls off to our US carrier (instead of to our
Canadian carrier) does so based on a different criteria (probably fact that
they originate on one of  their trunks in the US).

So one of the two carriers here is wrong - either Verizon who should not be
handing calls over to our US carrier, or our US carrier who should not be
rating the calls as Canadian.

This is what I got from our US carrier:

*"TF rating jurisdiction will use the dipped LRN of the CPN first, then
moves to the CPN (if no LRN present), then the orignum (if no CPN) and
lastly the NPA-NXX of the originating FG-D trunk.  Given that all of the
calls I’m seeing coming out of this Pittsburgh area have a CPN value, we’d
be dipping that CPN to figure out where it was coming from, and if that
returns a Canadian number, we’d treat it as Canadian origination.  That
504613 number would only be used if we got no CPN at all on the call."*

The practical impact is that our cost is twice as high for our Canadian
calls with the non-Canadian carrier. I am sure there is potential for this
sort of discrepancy at other LATA level (if someone is using TF LCR or LATA
based routing).

If there is a Verizon contact on the list, I would be curious to get their
opinion on why these calls (have examples willing to share) are rated as
US, and how is Verizon's rating different from our US carrier.



*Ivan Kovacevic*

*VP Client Services*


*5915 Airport Rd. Suite 610, Mississauga, ON L4V 1T1 Canada**www.startelecom.ca


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