[VoiceOps] STIR/SHAKEN for call centers

Patrick Labbett patrick.labbett at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 16:49:58 EST 2020

Hello, I'm looking for guidance/feedback on the impact of STIR/SHAKEN on
the call center and answering service industries. Very few are
interconnected VoIP service providers themselves.

Specifically, customers of these industries often desire the call center
utilize their company phone number when contacting their employees or
customers for an improved end-user experience.

The worry is that STIR/SHAKEN will be implemented in a way that causes
these "spoofed" calls (that have legitimate business relationships in
place) to be marked as such or eventually blocked as STIR/SHAKEN tightens
it's grip on malicious intent.

Here is my understanding of the situation: As a customer of an Originating
carrier, the Call Center's outbound calls will be signed by their
Originating carrier's STIR/SHAKEN certificate - so as long as the SIP
Identity header isn't modified in transit and the certificate is validated
on the Terminating side, everything should continue to work normally for us
as end users. So this is largely the carrier's problem, and not the call

However, it's not clear (to me) how the Attestation aspect of things will
work (and if it even effects the typical customer):

   - Does just being a customer of the Originating Carrier give the Call
   Center's calls Full Attestation?
   - As a call center, if spoofing a number not owned/in inventory, would
   that be Partial Attestation?
   - Does the owner/location of the spoofed number matter, i.e. :
      - Partial Attestation: Number owned by Originating carrier, but not
      by customer making call
      - Gateway Attestation: Number not owned by Originating carrier (and
      by extension not owned by customer making the call)
   - Will different Terminating carriers treat Attestation designations
   - Is this largely a framework that carriers will implement some day in
   the future?

Am I way overthinking this? (Yes.)

Thank you in advance for any perspective you can offer, or resources you
can direct me to.

My personal plan of attack for call centers:

   - Document permission and business use case for numbers spoofed on
   behalf of customers
   - That's it - that's the whole plan.
   - ????

Aside from making sure my carriers know I exist and that I have permission
to use those numbers, what else is there?

-Patrick Labbett
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