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Mary Lou Carey marylou at backuptelecom.com
Tue Feb 25 17:36:56 EST 2020

Fred Goldstein with Interisle Consulting is a Network Engineer that is 
like the walking "Encyclopedia of Telecom"! I've brought him in on 
numerous jobs when my needed help with picking equipment or the best 
method for operations and he's always been helpful.

Fred's e-mail is fred at interisle.net and his phone number is (617) 

BackUP Telecom Consulting
Office: 615-791-9969
Cell: 615-796-1111

On 2020-02-25 04:22 PM, Ross Tajvar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am looking for some resources to help me understand how to interact
> with the PSTN more directly. I have worked for companies which offered
> VoIP service, but we've always used other carriers upstream (e.g.
> Bandwidth, Flowroute, etc.). I've found a few references to the
> regulatory process (e.g.
> https://transnexus.com/whitepapers/how-to-get-an-lrn/). What I'm
> looking for is a technical description of the equipment required and
> how it works.
> Does anyone know of any good references for this kind of information?
> Thanks,
> Ross
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