[VoiceOps] Outsourcing STIR/SHAKEN Setup

Mary Lou Carey marylou at backuptelecom.com
Tue Sep 1 18:35:49 EDT 2020

I'm a Carrier Consultant who's been helping CLEC, IXC, Paging, Wireless 
and VOIP carriers install and maintain their PSTN networks for the the 
last 20 years. I can help clients get their FCC Certification to become 
a STIR/SHAKEN carrier as well as Numbering Resources, NPAC / LSR 
training, etc (if you need those pieces). Once my clients get their 
certification, I refer them to TransNexus. Jim and his team can help you 
with the process of turning your STIR/SHAKEN services up.

BackUP Telecom Consulting
Office: 615-791-9969
Cell: 615-796-1111

On 2020-08-31 05:37 AM, Dovid Bender wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have a recommendation for a company that get us everything
> needed for STIR/SHAKEN setup? By setup I mean helping us file to get a
> cert etc. From the small research I have done there is a lot of
> fragmented information out there and it would be easier for us to pay
> someone else to do this then invest our own time to take care of this.
> TIA.
> Regards,
> Dovid
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