[VoiceOps] 3CX Trunk Unregistering

Tim Bray tim at kooky.org
Wed Sep 2 12:14:48 EDT 2020

On 02/09/2020 13:46, Pete Eisengrein wrote:
> The problem comes in when we get the un-REGISTER but it is not 
> followed by a new REGISTER and calls begin to fail. The customer is 
> obviously frustrated and is expecting _me _to do something about it, 
> but...

Sounds like the timer for refreshing the registration is longer than the 
registration valid time (or the same).

I don't know if 3CX works like that.  I've asked out support team at work.

As for the 3CX not under support.  You can get quite big systems now - 
like 8 calls, (maybe bigger) without paying 3CX.  So tempting for people 
to use the free one.

Tim Bray
Huddersfield, GB
tim at kooky.org

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