[VoiceOps] Voice peering

Ross Tajvar ross at tajvar.io
Tue Jan 5 08:57:12 EST 2021

Based on this presentation [0] from Comcast, they are interconnecting with
their biggest voice peers via SIP rather than SS7. They appear to use ENUM
for route selection. I'm sure others are doing this too, though I can't
find anything public.

I'm interested if anyone has more info on how this works. I'm guessing
participants maintain their own private ENUM servers and just trust each
other? As far as I know the only way to validate number ownership is via an
LNP dip, which would be expensive to do for every call.

I would like to be able to consume a service like that, at least in an
outbound direction; as a small operator, I'm sure convincing large carriers
to trust my ENUM server would be very difficult. But having a greater
degree of interconnectedness (and mostly importantly avoiding TDM) seems
like a good thing.

Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?


[0] https://silo.tips/download/voice-peering-interworking-sip-and-bgp
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