[VoiceOps] ATAs compatible with fire alarm panels

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Thu Jan 7 17:04:37 EST 2021

On 12/15/20 13:34, Camille Issa wrote:
> Hello all – looking for recommendations (other than keeping the analog 
> line) for VoIP ATA’s that are compatible with fire alarm panels. Anyone 
> got a good working solution out there?

In California at least it's two analog lines required for fire alarms. 
You can use RJ31X series jacks to share them with other utility-type 
applications downstream like fax machines, postage meters, etc.

We had a customer who wanted to use FXS ports off of our TA900 Adtran 
for this and while it would technically work just fine as far as 
compatibility we (and the fire alarm company) insisted that they keep 
the analog lines.

A few months later one of the batteries powering their big UPS exploded, 
taking the Adtran out of service as well as generating copious amounts 
of toxic smoke. The fire alarm worked and the damage was very limited.

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