[VoiceOps] Identity Header Test Tool

David Frankel dfrankel at zipdx.com
Sun Jul 3 11:04:54 EDT 2022

Last week I was forwarded a note from this list regarding tools to test and
debug SHAKEN Identity headers. That prompted us to stitch together some
modules we already had in an attempt to help.

What we have is at http://identity.legalcallsonly.org. You can call one of
the test numbers listed on that page, and if we receive your header, we'll
read you a six-digit code. Disconnect and then plug the code into the box on
the web form, and we'll show you details of that Identity header.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to see if the header we received is
the one you sent. In addition, we parse the header and try to tell you if it
is correctly formatted and valid.

Currently we have a couple of geographic DIDs and three toll-free numbers
(each using different underlying providers). So far we aren't having a lot
of success getting the Identity headers on the TFNs; we're working to
improve that.

Suggestions welcome. We hope the tool provokes more discussion about best
practices regarding making the Authentication Framework as functional and
useful as possible. 

Happy 4th of July!

David Frankel
St. George, UT USA

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