[VoiceOps] [External] Re: 9-8-8 dialing when an outside line access code (9) is being used

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Mon Jul 18 15:12:30 EDT 2022

On 7/18/22 08:36, Carlos Alvarez wrote:
> OP makes his own points against it, and none for.  As we add more and 
> more short numbers and possibly NPAs, the 9 becomes more problematic.  
> And is there really a switch out there in use today that needs it?

Pretty much any conventional PBX where you have conventional phones and 
don't want a timeout. Even most SIP phones don't have a SEND button even 
though the INVITE is en-banc under the hood, so you need a dialplan with 
a timeout.

IMHO, 9-8-8 is a boneheaded idea as it breaks NANP and causes ambiguity. 
In addition now that it's law look for all kinds of other mandated 
service codes. Lost your cat, dial 9-7-7. Need a jump start, 9-6-6, 
Alcoholics Anonymous 9-5-5, etc.

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