[VoiceOps] Vitelity Inbound SMS Outage March 27, 2022 0150 to 1720 UTC

Denver Gingerich denver at ossguy.com
Sun Mar 27 20:02:06 EDT 2022

On Sun, Mar 27, 2022 at 07:08:01PM -0400, Peter Beckman wrote:
> Why I'm Posting
> This is the 48th SMS outage since August 2015 that Vitelity has
> experienced, and in most cases, I have been the first person to alert them
> to a problem. They do not monitor inbound SMS, they just wait for a
> customer complaint, and even then, I've been told "nobody else has opened a
> ticket," as if multiple customers need to complain before they take an
> outage seriously.

I wasn't aware that people used Vitelity SMS for anything serious.  My few months of experience with them suggested that they didn't even support all ASCII characters (for example, '<' and '>' were simply replaced with spaces, at least when using XMPP), and their service silently failed to deliver SMS on a regular basis.  I assumed they didn't see SMS as a production feature for those reasons (and a few others) so stopped using it fairly soon after.

Has their service improved recently on other metrics?  For example, do they support UTF-8 now?


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