[VoiceOps] TF CPR dip?

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Wed Aug 9 23:04:03 EDT 2023

On 8/9/23 19:54, Nathan Anderson via VoiceOps wrote:

> Is this even a thing?  Is it possible to do a look-up on a TF number and know ultimately what local number a call to that TF number is going to be sent to?

It may not go to a local number at all. It can terminate on an 
old-school toll trunk (PRI) or be delivered by SIP as the native 
toll-free number.

"Switched" TF is translated to a local number by the provider and 
delivered over the PSTN/VoIP on that local number. "Dedicated" TF is 
delivered directly to the customer natively as the TF number.

More complex schemes can be set up with routing based on originating 
NPA/NXX, time of day, etc. as well.

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