[VoiceOps] Consumer KYC Requirements

Calvin E. calvine at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 14:26:40 EST 2023

Hey fellow voice operators,

Which regulations, laws, etc. require a carrier to collect "know your
customer details" before/when a TN is assigned to a subscriber? I need some
specific references to cite, if they exist.

The two contexts are 1) numbers assigned for inbound-only service
(forwarding or voicemail) and 2) smartphone app based VoIP lines for both
inbound and outbound calls (which also support forwarding). Only a
proprietary app is supported, no registration from softphones or other

Yes, it's the same old "signup friction" versus "doing the right thing"
argument. The app supports app store "in-app purchases", and those app
stores do not share detailed billing information to use for KYC. We're
forced to prompt the user to provide personal information, and some
demographics aren't comfortable doing this without a clear reason.
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