[VoiceOps] Calling parties getting "number reported as spam" operator message

Nelson Hicks nelsonh at socket.net
Wed Dec 13 17:02:13 EST 2023


One of our customers has some sites with phone service provided by other 
carriers, and when calling their main office they started getting an 
operator-style message saying "The number you have been calling from has 
been reported as spam. If you believe this is incorrect, please dial 1 
to report the issue, and visit freecallerregistry.com to register your 
number". This was first reported around November 27. The problem was 
also reported for calls from a Google Voice number, and they worry other 
callers might be affected.

The service in question blocking the calls isn't ours, these calls don't 
reach our switch CDRs or voipmonitor. We can't duplicate the problem 
with calls from our numbers. We are trying to work with our customer and 
their other carriers to try get the problem reported through them. Does 
anyone know of anything else can reasonably do for them?


Nelson Hicks
Information Technology
(573) 817-0000 ext. 210
nelsonh at socket.net

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