[VoiceOps] troubleshooting RTP loss - and does anyone use webair/opti9?

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Wed Nov 15 09:34:57 EST 2023

+1 for MTR

also iperf in both directions.

And if the only tool you have is ping. Change ping frequency and packet
size to match G711. Ping each individual hop along the way, that you can,
and look for discrepancies.

Keep in mind it's ICMP so it will get deprioritized, but if it works fine
sometimes and other times it does not, it's a load or fault-at-load that
causes it to go karplunk.

My favourite real life experience troubleshooting network weirdness was
with a fortune 1000 client's network team early in the VoIP era. Same type
of time-of-day weirdness.

They were swearing up and down that their network gear was clean and was
not running high on memory or cpu use... Until we painstakingly determined
that it must be the network gear.... At which point they found their queue
limits were too low for VoIP. The reason their network gear was clean was
because it was ignoring packets when it got busy. That was a decade+ ago, I
am sure the current network requirements have evolved (video and all)...
But still...

On Wed, Nov 15, 2023, 9:19 a.m. Richard Jobson via VoiceOps <
voiceops at voiceops.org> wrote:

> You either need to monitor the segment of the network surrounding the
> packet loss to isolate it
> 2. or you could use an active tool such as our VPP to make PESQ
> measurement to call from endPoint into your net work, and proven end to end
> exactly where & where the problem is happening.
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> On Oct 30, 2023, at 12:44 PM, Pinchas Neiman via VoiceOps <
> voiceops at voiceops.org> wrote:
> Not too experienced, but my 2 cents
> If it's based on a faulty router.
> do a traceroute in the morning and in the afternoon a few days maybe you
> will find a correlation to a specific route.
> In morning hours try to ping every hop from the traceroute with BIG
> packets so you could find how far you can get without packet loss.
> the latter will also help If it is based on congestion
> On Mon, Oct 30, 2023 at 2:07 PM Izzy Goldstein - TeleGo via VoiceOps <
> voiceops at voiceops.org> wrote:
>> HI team
>> we recently noticed packet loss happening every morning from 6AM to 11AM,
>> our MOS drops during that time
>> our datacenter in garden City Long island (formerly Webair / now Opti9)
>> claims it is outside of their network and can't do anything - but they have
>> been unable to identify where the loss is occurring
>> so i have 2 questions
>> 1)
>> Is there anyone in this group using the same datacenter, and if so, do
>> you have any RTP issues ?
>> maybe the issue is with one of our SIP providers, etc and not the
>> Datacenter directly
>> 2)
>> What's a good tool / method to determine where the packet loss is
>> happening ?
>> i am using VoipMonitor - but willing to start using other tools to find
>> the root cause
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