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Sysmon was created to solve the complicated problem for ISP's of monitoring all those host based services we all depend upon, including your mail server, news server, and if a machine is responding to all those services that your customers depends upon.

Sysmon is in use by a number of universities, network backbones, and internet service providers all around the world, who have found it to suit their needs in monitoring their servers and networks.

How sysmon works (currently):
Once you've created your configuration file, you will have a brief understanding of how this works, but let me explain:

In looking at the sample configuration file on the config page, you will see, we use curly braces ({}) to denote network dependencies. What this means is that if the local router is not pingable, we will not bother to check those hosts that depend upon this router operating. (nnn-2524,, and various others).

With this in mind, we can save ourselves valuable time in checking a large network, and reduce the amount of time required to detect major customer outages on an aggregation box.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me, the author of the package, and comment on what I can do to improve these pages.

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