PiAware/Dump1090 optimal setup

I often am standing outside wondering what that plane is flying overhead. Services like Flightaware or even Siri where you can say “Wolfram Alpha Planes Overhead” can help you with this. But most have a delay in the data you receive of 5-10 minutes.

ADS-B (Automatic dependent surveillance) is an automated system for delivering data from planes to surrounding aircraft and ground listeners. All aircraft are required to be retrofitted by 2020 in the US/FAA region.

After spending some time tinkering, I have an optimal setup for ADS-B established at my home which allows me to see 150 planes up to 200 miles away. I wanted to document the parts list for what I did. While Flightaware has a list, here: http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build that list is imperfect and slowly becoming out of date.  Most items are available via Amazon Prime.

Required Parts:
* Raspberry Pi Model B+ (B Plus) 512MB$34
or Raspberry Pi 2 Model B$39
* ADS-B USB Adapter with antenna $24 *or* USB ADS-B Adapter no Antenna$17
* Power for Raspberry PI (2 Amp USB) *or*
* WS-POE-USB-Kit for Raspberry Pi $27
16GB MicroSD card w/ Adapter $8

* STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: 1090Mhz Filter + Preamp – £41.99 + Shipping (may take 2+ weeks due to customs)
* ADS-B Antenna – $150
* ADS-B Antenna to Amplifier cable – $14
* Amplifier to USB Dongle cable $6
* Weatherproof Enclosure $45
* Fittings to attach box to building/chimney

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