Updated ADS-B partslist

I’ve been helping a few people optimize their ADS-B setups recently and wanted to provide a simple aggregated location for people to purchase their parts and see my setup.

Outdoor Case
Mounting Plate inside case
– PoE injector 48V
Raspberry PI 4
48V PoE HAT for Raspberry PI 4
RTL-SDR and Filter (this is really critical!)
Filter to Antenna cable
5dB ADS-B 1090 Antenna or GO BIG, 9dB Antenna and see 300miles when properly mounted

Once you install Raspian you will want to follow the instructions at Flightaware to update to the latest piaware.  Previously I had build instructions here but they are no longer necessary as the changes are merged upstream these days.

Once that’s in there, go ahead and edit your /etc/default/dump1090-fa file and make the options look like this:

RECEIVER_OPTIONS="--gain -10 --ppm 0 --net-bo-port 30005 --oversample --phase-enhance"
DECODER_OPTIONS="--max-range 450 --lat x.x --lon -y.y --fix --modeac --enable-agc"
NET_OPTIONS="--net --net-heartbeat 60 --net-ro-size 1000 --net-ro-interval 1 --net-ri-port 0 --net-ro-port 30002 --net-sbs-port 30003 --net-bi-port 30004,30104 --net-bo-port 30005 --forward-mlat"

This should result in a nice setup where you can see 200-300 miles away. You will still need to register with Flightaware, eg:

sudo piaware-config -autoUpdate 1 -manualUpdate 1
sudo piaware-config -mlatResultsFormat beast,connect,localhost:30004
sudo piaware-config -user username -password

Hope this helps you!

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