McCain’s downward spiral?

The political maverick from 2000 has reshaped himself in 2008. His appearances on The Daily Show have declined, and with the current concerns surrounding the fiscal solvency of the USA and corresponding financial system he’s suspended his campaign. There’s numerous bits of analysis, including what I find the most telling article over at The Huffington Post. If a major event like a fiscal crisis where concerns over how to spend up to $700 billion (at once, it could be more than that over the lifespan if some securities are sold) cause him to need a time-out, I’m not sure he’s up for a 4 year rollercoaster ride as President. While action vs a lengthy deliberative process can be harmful if not balanced properly, it sure seems the right debates are happening in DC, including one robo-dialer call today asking me to call my local congressman (including his name and local office phone number). If McCain is unable to get a grasp on the deliberative process on “The Hill”, how has he lasted so long in the Senate? The challenges we face as a country certainly require a long-view. There’s plenty of analysis regarding the bailout package that can be found. We shall see if this is a bright move, or as I believe, a desperate move on his behalf.

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