This page includes a few links of internet visualization that i've been playing with..

I've been using a tool called aiSee to render parsed data from Route Views. I've also played with Wilma which can do 3d rendering, but to do this 19822 node, 42496 edge graphic was too intensive for the machine I had available.

Descriptionimage sizeGraphic
Top 20 most interconnected ASNs 2480x4736 png 04-May-2005
TBD2152x2948 png 04-May-2005
Global Interconnects (10 iterations) 2424x2871 png04-may-2005 (10)
15 iterations 1944x2537 png04-may-2005 (15)
30 iterations 3248x4208 png04-may-2005 (30) [~30 min gen time]
aiSee datafile04_may_2005.gdl
Weighted global interconnects3248x4078 png04-may-2005 (30)
" "EPS 2 35MEPS Source
aiSee datafile3.7Mais.504.gdl

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