[c-nsp] Partial VPN Overlapping IPSec, GRE or what????

omar parihuana omar.parihuana at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 10:54:55 EST 2007

Hi List,

I have a special requeriment, after of check the possibilites unfortunately
I cannot find out a solution.

The customer have two sites, the main site uses subnet: with
Default Gateway that connect to corporate applications. they
need that remote site use some IPs of main site -only for five hosts-, for
example: -, the connectivity between main site and
remote site is with IPSec/GRE Tunnel (over the Internet), How can I use in
remote site a part of main site's global IP address ? Currently the remote
site handle IP subnet: but that subnet, for corporate
decission, cannot be routed but to coporarte applications, only
subnet is allowed.

I tried to use NAT on Default gateway but is no allowed too. maybe Can I
built a L2 tunnel over two Internet end-points??  or any solution,

Your help will be appreciated!


Omar E.P.T
Certified Networking Professionals make better Connections!

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