[c-nsp] Booting 7513 off ATA flash

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Sun Mar 18 10:18:03 EST 2007

Corneliu Tanasa wrote:
> I'll suggest to do the following to bypass this issue:
> 1. install in slot0: a standard pcmcia flash card with some basic IOS that
> is aware of ATA FLASH disks (12.2.x at minimum).  
> 2. install in disk1: your ATA DISK.  Put here the desired image to load
> 3. in global configuration mode instruct your router to boot first from the
> disk1: device.
> 4. save & reload

This is what I do with my RSP4 CPUs - They boot off slot0 with the boot 
image (usually 12.2.27), then load the IOS image off disk1. Problem is 
that the RSP4+ tries to boot off disk1, fails (presumably due to the an 
alignment issue that Rodney mentioned.

I just traded the linear flash cards I had for larger cards, then I'll 
just boot direct from linear flash and use the ATA flash for temorary 
image storage and other stuff.


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