[c-nsp] 7513 T3 Card Question

Matt Addison maddison at iquest.net
Wed Mar 28 10:24:53 EST 2007

If you want channelized DS3 I think you're stuck with 7x00 or above platforms. We use 12008s with channelized OC3 cards (replaced our old setup of using 7206VXRs+3x PA-MC-2T3+s)- saves a lot of cable clutter, and OC3 cards for 15454s are a lot cheaper than DS3 transmux.
If you don't want/need channelized DS3, you could go down to anything which takes WICs (1x00, 2x00 or 3x00 with WIC carrier NM's), and load them up with WIC-1DSU-T1. Or you could go with the multiport T1 cards for the 7000 like the PA-MC-8TE1.


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Thanks Matt & Pete for the answers....

Another question would then become what device(s) are recommended for T1
aggregation?  I'm looking through Cisco's website and was hoping even on a
smaller router we could for 4 or 8 T1's and just use smaller routers in
general ... we *really* want intregrated CSU/DSU ....

Price is an issue of course too... just wondering what others are using
besides 7513's for this application? ;)


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Regular PA-T3+ cards will not work, you want to be looking at PA-MC-2T3+
cards (multichannel, lets you set up serial interfaces for individual T1s in
the DS3). PA-T3+ cards will only let you terminate a single full or subrate



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Hi folks...

We're looking at an application whereby providing T1 services out to
customers... since we have a spare 7513 chassis kicking around it makes
sense to use it....

One concept is to put a pair of PA-T3+ cards into the chassis and connect
the T3's into a Telco Systems DS3 MUX - we're looking at 40-50 full rate T1
customers some of which will be load balanced as well.....

First question, will this work?  Second question, the 7513 only has VIP2-50
cards in it and I read some Cisco docs that state minimum RSP7000 series
processors and ours have RSP5000 series....

Looking for real-world feedback... other option is to just use 8 port T1
cards (PA-MC-8T1) which seems like a safer bet at this point....

Thanks in advance,


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