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I already have iBGP between the 7600's, and already use local-pref 150 for 
primary links on router1 and router2. but when the primary link from ISP1 on 
router1 goes down, I want the same subnet go through ISP1 backup link on 
Router2 ( Router2 already has local-pref 150 for ISP2 primary link),


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> Manaf,
> Do you have an iBGP peer between the 7600's?  Why not just create IGP 
> between the two 7600's or use next-hop-self between the peers and set the 
> default-route received from each other to be higher than the backup 
> default.  ISP1 primary local-pref 110, unchanged local-pref for iBGP and 
> then local-pref of 90 for backup link of ISP2 on router 1 and then 
> vice-versa on router 2.
> Load Sharing with BGP -> 
> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk365/technologies_configuration_example09186a00800945bf.shtml
> If you're feeling brave later, you can look into OER/PfR.
> -ryan
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> Hello Ivan,
> Thank you for your response.
> In my design, I am load sharing the traffic by multihomed BGP with two 
> ISPs
> through two local 7600 routers. To avoid any single point of failure, we
> have a backup link for each ISP connected to each local router. as below:
> Router1 connected with primary link of ISP1 and backup link of ISP2.
> Router2 connected with primary link of ISP2 and backup link of ISP1
> I only receive default-route from each ISP (primary bgp peer has higher
> local preference on each router).
> my network is divided into two subnets (x.x.32.0/20 & x.x.48.0/20)
> normally, x.x.32.0/20 go through Router1 & ISP1, and x.x.48.0/20 go 
> through
> Router2 & ISP2 incoming and outgoing.
> what I need is, once the primary BGP peer of ISP1 on Router1 goes down, 
> the
> subnet x.x.32.0/20 go to backup link on Router2 which is already has a
> preferred default route from ISP2 serving the subnet x.x.48.0/20. The same
> case should be applied vice versa.
> load sharing for incoming traffic is working properly, but my problem is
> with outgoing traffic since I am only receiving default-route from each 
> ISP!
> I know it is a bit complicated but I hope you can give me some help.
> Thank you,
> Manaf
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>> Absolutely, with EEM 3.0 an applet can be triggered with an SNMP trap or
>> inform. The details are here (although the article describes a slightly
>> different task):
>> http://wiki.nil.com/Trigger_EEM_applets_with_SNMP_Informs
>> However, are you absolutely positive there is no other way to get what 
>> you
>> need? In many cases you could use a smart routing design instead of the
>> PBR.
>> Ivan
>> http://www.ioshints.info/about
>> http://blog.ioshints.info/
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>>> Subject: [c-nsp] Event Manager question
>>> Hi all,
>>> Can I configure event manager to be started when it gets
>>> notification from another router. for example, I want router1
>>> to be configured with policy based routing on a specific
>>> interface once the bgp peer on router2 is down. I don't want
>>> to permanently configure the PBR since it is consume very
>>> high CPU utilizing on router1
>>> Thank you,
>>> Manaf
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