[c-nsp] Fwd: Re: 10Gigabit Ethernet with Sup6L-E

Alex D. listensammler at gmx.de
Wed Jan 25 16:40:09 EST 2012

> dies as in powers off?
> faulty hardware, id assume.
No i can eliminate that, because there's the same behaviour on all 4
chassis with Sup6L-E.

> maybe config snippets would help.
nothing is configured . I erased startup-config.

> as a side note, as of 12.2(53)sg or so -- sup6e and sup6l-e are the
> same in terms of functionality
I heard something about a bundle offer of 4506-E with license limited
usage of 10GE ports. Can someone confirm that ?

I think i will first try a different IOS and if that doesn't help, i
will contact TAC


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