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FAA Airports, Airspace fixes Google Maps/Earth interface
Based on FAA ATA 100 - Airport Data dated 2005-07-07 All Other data 2007-01-18
NOT FOR NAVIGATION. Please procure official charts for flight.

Demo 1 - Demo 2 - Demo 3
FBOWEB Google Earth Inbound Planes (only SEA, MIA, SFO, LAX, BOS, ORD, ATL, JFK)
FAA Airport Codes (not ICAO codes - comma seperated list eg: BFI,SEA)
Navaids (comma seperated list eg: DXO,SVM)
Airway-Navaid (eg: V268:SEY:BRIGS) (NEW! send me feedback on this)
ILS Approach points (comma seperated list, eg: ORD:04L,ORD:04R)
Airspace FIX Codes (comma seperated list eg: DUNKS,JAPAN)
Zoom Level


Thanks to Google for their cool maps.
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