[nsp] regexp pattern recall

From: Pete Kruckenberg (pete@kruckenberg.com)
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 00:21:02 EDT

At the risk of looking really stupid when someone points out
my obvious error:

I am trying to develop a regexp to match prepended AS paths,
to distinguish "1 2 3" from "1 2 2 3" or "1 2 3 3" or "1 1 2
3". This exercise is to de-preference prepended routes in my
BGP policy (so those prepends aren't over-ridden by
preferences based on community matches).

According to CCO I can use the regexp pattern recall
operator \ to do this.

But a "show ip bgp regexp ([0-9]+)_\1_" only shows AS paths
with an AS number followed by ASN 1 (eg "1239 1"). I have
also tried "show ip bgp regexp ([0-9]+)_(\1_)+" and several
other derivatives, which all do the same thing. I have tried
this on 12.0.16-S3, 12.0.21-S1 and 12.2.3.

Does the regexp pattern recall operator work (am I maybe
using it wrong)?

Is there another way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

Thanks for your help.


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