[nsp] E2 termination on a 7206

From: Kevin Nicholson (kcn@skycache.com)
Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 13:51:33 EDT

The company I work for ordererd two E2 circuits in the UK. I have been
told that company will be presenting me (at the router) with "a pair of
co-axial cables terminated with BNC plugs (the ones which twist fit onto
std. BNC sockets)" I have also been told by the circuit vendor ... "This
is the same presentation as on the existing 2M pipes except that it will
be 8M. Regarding the presentation equipment the 34M bearers feed into a
PDH multiplexor which provides G.703 outputs at 2.048Mbps or 8.192Mbps."

The vendor goes on to say .... "To my knowledge the 8M link is not just a
sub-rate 34M since up to 4 off 8M can be provided on a single 34M link
using the PDH equipment."

So here's my question.... since the circuit vendor claims that an E2
circuit from BT is NOT a sub-rate E3 and it is in fact E1-G.703, and if
E1-G.703 is E1 only, and anything that terminates an E1 on a cisco (short
of a PA-MC-E3) can only do 2Mbps .. what can I use to terminate an E2 on
my Cisco 7206 ?

I have been told by a very reliable source at Cisco that playing with "dsu
bandwidth" on a PA-E3 will do the right thing .. and I totally agree ..
but I would like to get some real world input as to how most people with
functional E2 circuits terminate them on thier Cisco gear.

anyone care to offer suggestions or share experiences ?


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