Re: [nsp] "catalyst 8510 msr + 4-port atm/oc3 card" and the Question ...

From: Stephen Sprunk (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 11:46:42 EST

Thus spake "TMS" <>
> And the question is: Is "sonet stm-1" command is enough to use
> this ATM port as STM-1 Sonet/SDH port ?
> btw. I looked in Cisco Pricing Spreadsheet and I didn't see Sonet/SDH
> cards for Cat8510, maybe I'm blind....

SONET OC-3 and SDH STM-1 are, in practice, the same thing. There are a few
framing bits that are used slightly differently, hence the need to configure
which system (SONET/SDH) you want.


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