Re: [nsp] ACL stop working

From: Hank Nussbacher (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 01:33:57 EST

At 10:20 PM 26-02-02 +0300, FreeLSD wrote:

Try using a numbered ACL rather than a named ACL. I seem to remember
seeing a bug like this but can't remember its bugid.


>IOS 12.0(19)ST2 (same for 12.0.18S*)
>RSP8 with VIP4-80 (1 FastEthernet)
>extended ACL on interfaces FastEthernet (in/out, not compiled/compiled).
>if cisco running with 'ip cef distribute' all access-lists stop working at
>with 'ip cef' seems worked right.
>did anybody have any idea what bug ID is it?

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