RE: [nsp] getting vlan.dat from catalyst by snmp

From: Andrew Fort (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 22:53:58 EDT

Roman Volkov wrote,

> I should store 'vlan.dat' file from Catalysts switches. I
> see, that i can use
> and use request
> ciscoFlashCopyCommand, but may be
> anybody have examples of use it?
> Or may be you have some links with docs, how to use this
> request (it need in
> set several values, but i can't understand, how).

For an existing implementation of how to use these MIBs (both the old
and new ones), you may like to look at the code for the tool Pancho;

Alternatively you could use expect scripts to inititate the vlan.dat
transfer to your tftp server.


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