Re: [nsp] 7000/7500 architecture resources

From: Robert E. Seastrom (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 21:50:57 EDT

"Stephen Sprunk" <> writes:

> > Hrm. In the case of a GEIP/GEIP+, provided you have .1q
> > CEF support, would this also apply?
> GEIPs (and other recent *IP cards) are really VIPs with non-removable PAs.
> So, yes, it applies.

Distributed dot1q only works iff you are running the right code train,
and the feature navigator only tells you whether the feature is
nominally in there, not whether it actually worked or not... Some
12.1 worked, some didn't (I think 12.1e did); this was by design, I
believe, and properly reflected in the feature navigator. My
understanding was that 12.0S was supposed to support it and it's even
possible that they just *might* finally have fixed the bug that caused
dot1q to be non-dCEF switched fixed. I wouldn't have firsthand
experience though - the better part of a year ago I finally gave up on
chasing the working-code-mirage and swapped out my switches to 3548s
with ISL uplinks (from Summit48s with .1q). Works great. Given that
12.0S is drawing to a close, I'm keeping an eye peeled for software
recommendations to run on a 7500 series with vip2-50s and vip4s...
and being careful to keep my expectations in check.


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