RE: [nsp] 7000/7500 architecture resources

From: Everett Dowd (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 05:02:38 EDT

Try this link

It should help understanding...


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Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 3:46 PM
Subject: [nsp] 7000/7500 architecture resources

Can anyone recommend a resource for understanding the current
of the 7500? I'm only vaguely familar with the platform, and digging
around on CCO, I keep running into a mix of either marketing drivel,
clearly dated information, or module-specific data that doesn't cover
system as a whole.

On a 7507/7513, is there a bridge between the two cbus's, or is it a
function of the RSP to tie them together? If cbus bandwidth is
is my understanding correct that even just a GEIP and GEIP+ together
destroy the bus (if you're lucky enough to get them running full rates)?
In distributed mode, does the RSP ever get touched for direct
ie. when distributed, would a RSP8 make much of a difference at all over
an RSP4.

If someone could point me in the right direction for this, it'd be


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