Re: [nsp] 7206 drops protocol on t3...

From: Jim Jones, Jr. (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 08:13:43 EDT

RE: [nsp] 7206 drops protocol on t3...I've checked and triple checked that... everything seems to be in order there.


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  You may have oversubscribed the bus. How many other cards and what type do you have on that side of the router?

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  Subject: [nsp] 7206 drops protocol on t3...

  we have a 7206 vxr with a pa2t3 card. this card has one t3 plugged into it. several times a week we loose communications across the t3. when i do a show interface on that interface it says that the line is up but the protocol is down. i shut the port and no shut it and it comes right back.

  we have run loopback tests end to end several times and it tests perfect. also, none of the telcos involved show ANY errors or drops on the circuit.

  any ideas?




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