RE: [nsp] 12.1.2 and WCCP

From: Barry Raveendran Greene (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 17:56:53 EDT

Hello Roy,

Here is a very quick response.

Were you using WCCPv1 or v2 before. 12.1 images have WCCPv2 by default. You
will need to explicitly tell it to use WCCPv1:

        ip wccp version {1 | 2}

Try "ip wccp version 1" and see if that works. Also, check out the other
WCCP command syntaxes. The command syntax changed is highlighted in the
following URL:

This is the first "flavor" of WCCPv2 that appeared in 12.0(3)T. The final
"flavor" is in where WCCPv2 was switched as an input feature and worked in
dCEF mode. Check the 12.0(11)S release notes for details:

This input feature flavor of WCCPv2 was committed to 12.1(03)T.

The final "flavor" has the ability for each device in the service cluster
(WCCPv2 has multiple service clusters - it not just port 80 anymore) to
negotiate one of three modes of encapsulation with the WCCP router/switch -
GRE, L2, and L3. Check out the URL:


This feature started in the 12.1(2)E image (letting WCCP take advantage of
the CAT6K hardware). It is being pushed to the 12.0S/SC and the 12.1T

If people need a more detailed brain dump on WCCPv2, please let me know and
I'll write on up of the Cisco-NSP alias.


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> This is a known issue, I'm not sure what the ddts is, but I've
> heard from several directions that 12.1.2 broke wccp.
> - jared
> On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 12:45:55PM -0700, Roy wrote:
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> > I installed 12.1.2 on my 7206 and WCCP broke. I know one other site
> > had the same thing happen.
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> > Is anyone else seeing this problem?
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> > Roy
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