Re: Newbie BGP Question.

From: Danny McPherson (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 14:20:09 EDT

There's not been a great deal of work done in the area of BGP convergence,
though there has been one such study that I'm aware of. See:

for slides on the work. I believe it contains a pointer to the research paper.


> Sorry in advance if this is a lame how long is a piece of string =
> question but here goes anyway.
> What kind of time scales would you expect a route change to take via BGP =
> across the internet.
> Basically I have a customer dual homed and I would like a yard stick of =
> how long its going to take
> if one link fails for the advert to be dropped from the main tier 1 =
> sites and exchange points?
> I am making the assumption that the route needs to be dropped from the =
> tier1s in order for the
> customer to regain full conectivity. I am looking for a VERY rough =
> guide.

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