From: mohammed yusuf (mohammed_lislan@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 05:43:57 EDT

Hello everybody,

Please is any body familiar with Cisco Switch
(Catalyst 2900 series XL)?.I have this switch connected
to our CSU/DSU via our Router. everything was working
fine untill recently the Switch suddenly developed a fault,we can't
browse when we connect to any of the Switch port.But when we subtituted the
switch with the hub we have everything working
fine now.When you put the Switch on it behaves this way:

The system's indicator light of the Switch blinks green.
The RPS indicator light is off.
The port mode (STAT,UTL and FDUP)are not showing any light,though
sometimes light will come on,on all the modes then the UTL and FDUP
will go off.The STAT light will stay for sometimes and will also go

All the accessed ports have the indicator light on except the first
port,there light also stay for short while and then go off.

I will be grateful if anybody can help me put this switch right.


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