[nsp] 100BaseFX single-mode interfaces

From: Ray Davis (ray@carpe.net)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 09:38:58 EDT


I'm not having a lot of luck confirming which Cisco 100BaseFX
interfaces (routers or switches) will support single-mode fiber
(as opposed to multi-mode) with a duplex SC connector. Searching
the cisco web it appears there is a WS-X5114 for cat5000, a
PA-2FEISL-FX for 7[125]00, and VIP2. And it appears that the
smaller switches (2900 series) and the NM-1FE-FX or PA-FE-FX
router interfaces only support multi-mode.

Can anyone confirm or deny or know of other interfaces?

At this perticular location and application we don't really need a
US$30k+ router or switch. ;)


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