Re: [nsp] 100BaseFX single-mode interfaces

From: Jim Warner (warner@cats.UCSC.EDU)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 15:57:20 EDT

Neil said:

|> If you can't get singlemode interfaces, use multimode interfaces, and use
|> a convertor box between multimode and singlemode fibre. I've just bought a
|> bunch of these from Blackbox.
|I used to do this until I reviewed a list of outages that we had
|over a 24 month period and found that in 70% of them, the convertor
|box was the cause of the outage :(

UC Santa Cruz has over a hundred media converters from three different
manufacturers. We found that early products could get into a state where
they just wouldn't work without being power cycled. After a campus power
failure, guys in trucks would have to run all over campus to "reboot"
media converters. The vendor (Lancast) was responsive in taking the
critters back and making us whole with re-engineered units that have been
reliable. We believe that Lancast was not the only vendor that had this
kind of trouble. I don't know if Neil's problems were the same as ours.
We are using exclusively multimode media converters for our interbuilding
runs on campus.

-jim warner

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