Re: [nsp] 100BaseFX single-mode interfaces

From: Ray Davis (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 14:10:31 EDT

> > If you can't get singlemode interfaces, use multimode interfaces, and use
> > a convertor box between multimode and singlemode fibre. I've just bought a
> > bunch of these from Blackbox.
> I used to do this until I reviewed a list of outages that we had
> over a 24 month period and found that in 70% of them, the convertor
> box was the cause of the outage :(

Ug. This is what I was trying to avoid - another point of failure.
Perhaps our best bet is to convince the other end to run some other
sort of cable. Heck it's only from one InterXion building to the


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