[nsp] REG: MPLS based VPN's

From: Vinod Anthony Joseph Cherunni (vac@dsqworld.com)
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 01:46:26 EDT

Hi All,
We are in the process of provisioning MPLS on an packet only (IP) based
infrastructure, primarily to cater to corporate VPN requirements. My
questions are as follows -
1. By provisioning an MPLS based VPN can I commit bandwidth guarantees to
my VPN customers (something like Frame Relay CIR).
2. I have read that MPLS VPN's seperate the Internet routing tables from
customer routing information. When a VPN is provisioned for a customer,
how does the routing actually happen? The customer would prefer to run his
own routing protocol between his sites, & how does a service provider
provision this.
3. I have come across an offering from AT&T, called Frame over IP, wherein
customers connect using Frame Relay & eventually get hooked on to an IP
(MPLS) cloud, which is the core of the AT&T network. Any comments on this.
Kindly advice,

With warmest regards,

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