[nsp] "show ip ospf" question

From: Allan Silverstein (allan@vill.com)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 13:35:18 EDT

Does anyone know what the field "Number of indication LSA 0" describes. I'm
clear on all of the other fields except this one???


RTK#show ip ospf
 Routing Process "ospf 25" with ID
 Supports only single TOS(TOS0) routes
 Supports opaque LSA
 It is an area border and autonomous system boundary router
 Redistributing External Routes from,
 SPF schedule delay 5 secs, Hold time between two SPFs 10 secs
 Minimum LSA interval 5 secs. Minimum LSA arrival 1 secs
 Number of external LSA 9. Checksum Sum 0x45632
 Number of opaque AS LSA 0. Checksum Sum 0x0
 Number of DCbitless external and opaque AS LSA 7
 Number of DoNotAge external and opaque AS LSA 0
 Number of areas in this router is 2. 1 normal 1 stub 0 nssa
 External flood list length 0
    Area BACKBONE(0)
        Number of interfaces in this area is 1
        Area has message digest authentication
        SPF algorithm executed 65 times
        Area ranges are
        Number of LSA 30. Checksum Sum 0x104ACB
        Number of opaque link LSA 0. Checksum Sum 0x0
        Number of DCbitless LSA 20
        Number of indication LSA 0
        Number of DoNotAge LSA 0
        Flood list length 0

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