RE: [nsp] 12.0(12.??)S and PA-A3 problem

From: Christian Panigl, ACOnet/VIX/UniVie (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 07:18:51 EDT

    Hi Chris, Jeff,
    yesterday we upgraded our 7507/RSP4 from 12.0(10)S1 to 12.0(13)S. We
    have two PA-A3-OC3-MM (HWrev 2.0) interfaces, both sitting in a
    dedicated VIP2-50, each with 128DRAM/8SRAM, in total ~30 subinterfaces
    and ~40 PVCs configured, one PA-A3 is peaking up to 60Mbps the other one
    to 120Mbps. Still knocking on wood, but it's working so far. Last
    weekend colleagues of mine failed with a similar upgrade (12.0(13)
    mainstream not S) and a PA-A3 w HWrev 1.0.
    So Jeff's problems indeed seem to be related to the HWrev of the PA-A3 !
    Yet, just one flaw identified in our config with 12.0(13)S:
    "ip accounting mac-address input" does no longer work (on a PA-FE in
     our case), config command disappeared and can not be re-entered.
    However, we have not yet turned on "dCEF" just plain CEF (and 70% CPU
    :-(, probably we turn on dCEF tomorrow. Will keep you informed ...
    Best wishes
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>Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 19:47:09 -0400
>From: "Martin, Christian" <>
>To: "'Jeff Bartig'" <>,
>Subject: RE: [nsp] 12.0(12.??)S and PA-A3 problem
>I hate to say it, but this may be the dreaded sleeping pvc...
>This is similar to an output stuck condition, whereby the transmit ring
>fills and doesn't drain. Very ugly...
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>> From: Jeff Bartig []
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>> Subject: [nsp] 12.0(12.??)S and PA-A3 problem
>> Hello,
>> I've been experiencing problems with 12.0(12)S and interim releases
>> with a PA-A3 OC3MM port adapter. I'm wondering if anyone else is
>> seeing similar problems.
>> I first experienced this problem with 12.0(12)S on a 7206. Certain
>> VCs stop passing traffic or experience very high packet loss.
>> Other VCs on the same physical interface have no problems. Nothing
>> is logged besides OSPF neighbors being lost. It is normally the
>> busiest VC that experiences the problem. It can be temporarily
>> fixed by performing a shut/no shut on the physical interface. The
>> problem happens every 20-30 minutes. While the problem is happening,
>> a "show atm vc vcd#" command will show output drops increasing.
>> I've never experienced this problem while running 12.0(11)S3.
>> I thought I might be encountering CSCds01236, so I tried 12.0(12.6)S1
>> and 12.0(12.6)S2 on this 7206. I experienced the problem with both
>> versions, even though it is suppose to be resolved. Today, I saw
>> what looks like this same problem with a PA-A3 in a VIP2-50 while
>> running 12.0(12.6)S1.
>> I've had a case open with the TAC for a while. Currently, the TAC
>> is claiming that this problem and another PA-A3 problem I am having
>> are being caused by my old revision PA-A3 (HW rev 1.0, Board rev
>> A0, Part# 73-2430-03 if anyone is interested). I've been shipped
>> a replacement and am waiting for a maintenance window to get it
>> installed. The TAC, though, can't point to any DDTS or field notice
>> that states there are problems with the revision PA-A3 that I have.
>> He didn't seem too excited to hear that if this does fix the problem,
>> I'll be asking for replacements for all of my backbone PA-A3s,
>> since they are all the same revision.
>> If anyone has seen this problem, I would be interested in hearing
>> about it. Could you include "show diag" output for the PA-A3, so
>> I can see what revision you have.
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff
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