[nsp] 12.0(12.??)S and PA-A3 problem

From: Jeff Bartig (jeffb@doit.wisc.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 12:03:17 EDT


I've been experiencing problems with 12.0(12)S and interim releases
with a PA-A3 OC3MM port adapter. I'm wondering if anyone else is
seeing similar problems.

I first experienced this problem with 12.0(12)S on a 7206. Certain
VCs stop passing traffic or experience very high packet loss.
Other VCs on the same physical interface have no problems. Nothing
is logged besides OSPF neighbors being lost. It is normally the
busiest VC that experiences the problem. It can be temporarily
fixed by performing a shut/no shut on the physical interface. The
problem happens every 20-30 minutes. While the problem is happening,
a "show atm vc vcd#" command will show output drops increasing.
I've never experienced this problem while running 12.0(11)S3.

I thought I might be encountering CSCds01236, so I tried 12.0(12.6)S1
and 12.0(12.6)S2 on this 7206. I experienced the problem with both
versions, even though it is suppose to be resolved. Today, I saw
what looks like this same problem with a PA-A3 in a VIP2-50 while
running 12.0(12.6)S1.

I've had a case open with the TAC for a while. Currently, the TAC
is claiming that this problem and another PA-A3 problem I am having
are being caused by my old revision PA-A3 (HW rev 1.0, Board rev
A0, Part# 73-2430-03 if anyone is interested). I've been shipped
a replacement and am waiting for a maintenance window to get it
installed. The TAC, though, can't point to any DDTS or field notice
that states there are problems with the revision PA-A3 that I have.
He didn't seem too excited to hear that if this does fix the problem,
I'll be asking for replacements for all of my backbone PA-A3s,
since they are all the same revision.

If anyone has seen this problem, I would be interested in hearing
about it. Could you include "show diag" output for the PA-A3, so
I can see what revision you have.



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