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From: dhudson (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 16:57:53 EST

Bill Manning wrote:
> > The root nameservers were having problems this morning.
> >I wouldn't be surprised if they continued to have problems through
> >the day.
> >
> >On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 01:55:44PM -0800, Karyn Ulriksen said:
> >> Anybody else having trouble getting to ?
> >>
> Really, and how did you determin this problem existed
> and did you report it to someplace other than this forum?
> --
> --bill


i dont know what you guyz ar3 talking about.

i've had a constant and wicked dsl connect up to dubdubdub.router for at least weeks cause i use it @home for lab ref in @home router lab.

i've got a dns addy mapper daemon script that sifts thru the current dns map and gluez them to a resolved ip address and adds it to a list of addresses that have answered in the most recent past going from newest to oldest in the cache file.

any one like a copy? ha! ha! addl guffaws....

write your own


have cold one...

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