[nsp] 12.0.11S broken keepalive, 12.0.12S broken cAal5Vcc{In,Out}Octets

From: Christian Kratzer (ck@toplink.net)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 05:33:01 EST


we have several 7206VXR with mixtures of PA-8T, PA-A1, PA-E3, PA-FE-TX
and are currently running c7200-p-mz.120-11.S.bin in an isp environment.

Because of some problems I would like to update to a later 12.0.x S where X>12

1. We have a current problem wuith 12.0.11S that serials (cisco hdlc) on the
   PA-8T don't seem to go up/down when keepalives are lost. They keep toggling
   between up/up and up/down which totally defeates the purpose of keepalives.
   I have heard rumors that this would be fixed in later 12.0.11S but could
   not find anything on the web. Has anybody got a bug id for this ????

2. We tried updating to 12.0.12S but found the ATM mibs to be broken there. We
   poll atm pvc's for cAal5VccInOctets and cAal5VccOutOctets for accounting
   and stats purposes which didn't work with 12.0.12S.

   Can anybody confirm cAal5VccInOctets,cAal5VccOutOctets work with a later
   12.0.x S on a 7206 ????

   Is there perhaps a bugid for this somewhere ???

Christian Kratzer

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