Re: [nsp] ISL/dot1Q trunks on 26xx

From: Andrew Smith (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 15:14:56 EST

The IDB limit is platform dependant. 300 for 2[5|6]00's, 500 for 3600s
and probably 4X00s, and then higher ( I think 800) for the 7XXX series.

I had a table from a TAC engineer for 12.0 and 12.1, but haven't been
able to find it. We ran into the limitation using frame-relay subif's
for DSL in outlying areas.

On 11-Dec-2000, Scott Morris wrote:
> The 300 IDB limit thing hasn't been fixed for quite a while. It's really
> memory and IOS-level dependent right now. If you max out the memory on the
> 2600, you should easily get beyond that in interfaces. I've got about 500
> running on a 3620 between VLANs and Frame sub-interfaces on one clients'
> router. There's a "show idb" hidden command, but unfortunately, I don't
> know any way of finding out the maximum for your configuration.
> Scott

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