solved? - Re: [nsp] "verify unicast reverse-path" with acl causes %SYS-3-INVMEMINT

From: Miguel A.L. Paraz (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 08:23:01 EST

looks like I ran out of RAM for CEF. just enabling CEF causes this, shortly

1d06h: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 65496 bytes failed from
0x6045B324, pool Processor, alignment 16
-Process= "CEF process", ipl= 3, pid= 90
-Traceback= 6045E564 6045FCC0 6045B32C 6045BC78 6036B104 6036B9A8 6036BC0C 60350088 603532D4 60355324 6035A604 6036072C 603628E8 6035C848 604595B4 604595A0
1d06h: %FIB-3-NOMEM: Malloc Failure, disabling CEF

Though from a layman's point of view, "sh proc mem" still shows around 20 MB
free out of 128 on a 7206 NPE-200. I was hearing three full views and had
'soft-reconfiguration inbound' on two peers who don't have route refresh.
I think the RAM got fragmented as the above happened even after I turned off
soft reconfig.

Hmm, time to read the book on the design of the IOS?

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