Re:(correction) Server load balancing solution

From: Ramin K (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 16:18:08 EST

Pointed out to me off list by Troy Davis and by the other engineer here,
the newer Alteon code can do scriptable health checks.


At 11:27 PM 12/19/00 -0800, Ramin K wrote:
> Either should be okay. A few things to think about
> NAT or not to NAT. Both will do it. Alteon was a bit easier to do
> and seemed to work better, but I don't think I have all the kinks out of
> the config on the Arrow yet.
> Arrowpoint supports ssh, older Alteon's don't. not sure about the
> new stuff. I like the config interface on the Arrow better. It's more
> Cisco like. I like the label system better on Arrow. You can create your
> own names as opposed to having to remember which number you set www8 as.
> Number of machines. On the Alteon you only get 256... I think.
> This may have changed depending on the code. 5.2.x is evil. 6.0.x is
> nice. 8.0.x has had problems according to the old FreeI admins who tested
> it for their mail system. They were running 6.0.x and NATing on an Ace 3
> and thought it was fairly stable.
> . The Arrowpoint has a few more features and was a bit more
> flexible for port redirections. Better healthchecks unless Alteon has
> changed recently. I haven't kept up with the Alteon since we've been
> migrating to the Arrows.
> We're currently running two sets of the css 11801's for http type
> stuff and an Alteon Ace 3 for mail. The Ace 3 has been stable for us
> doing mail once we moved to 6.0.x code. I forget the number of
> transactions per second, but it's a solid 20Mb/s of mail during the day.
>Ramin K
>Network Engineer
>Netzero Inc.
>At 12:37 AM 12/20/00 +0100, Rod Oliver wrote:
>>Hi Guys,
>>We are in the process of evaluating server load balancing solutions for a
>>high density mail system. We are looking into Alteon, Cat6000 and Cat4000
>>series and the old Arrowpoint range. I realise that this is a kind of
>>'horses for courses' question, but I would very much appreciate comments,
>>anecdotal and technical that people might consider to be appropriate. The
>>options that I have listed are mainly so because we are up to now a mostly
>>Cisco shop.
>>Rod Oliver

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