[nsp] 3640 + ATM reboot problem

From: Nick Bastin (nbastin@opnet.com)
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 01:44:54 EST

We have 4 3640 chassis, each with NM-1ATM25, NM-4T, and NM-1FE cards,
running IP Plus image of 12.1(6). These boxes will run fine as long as
we don't send any packets over the ATM links (you can set up the PVCs,
etc.), but as soon as a packet is transmitted over the ATM link, the box
reboots. Anybody seen this before? It does give a couple of errors (a
counter error and something else), but I'm not near the box right now to
transcribe exactly what they are. Each chassis has 64MB and 8MB flash.
Thanks in advance.

Nick Bastin
OPNET Technologies

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